Help Contacts

These members have volunteered to help with the topics listed. For contact information, click the name of the member you need to contact, and then click Contact info under Miscellaneous.

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Name Position Phone Mobile
Alan Majeski General Help 281-353-8652 WA5REJ
Ron Matusek Digital Modes (713)-825-9606 WA6TQH
Walter Holmes Digital Modes 281 894-8797 K5WH
Marty Fitzgerald Digital Modes (832) 350-9370 W5MF
Brian Derx VHF-UHF 281-894-5942 N5BA
Terry Myers Interference Mitigation 281-443-6042, KQ5U
Mark Tyler Electronic Assembly and Kits 281-587-0256 K5GQ
Keith Dutson PC Programming and Operations 281-351-7683 NM5G
Ron Matusek ARRL VEC Liaison 713-825-9606 WA6TQH